Steam-Age Tech

Planned Master Models:

- images are borrowed from web as I have not made these yet...

Galileo's Telescope
  • Optics - A reproduction of Galileo's Telescope.
  • Steam-Power - A working "Live-Steam" model of the Newcomen Engine.
Newcomen Engine Animated
  • Telegraph & Telephone - A working Telegraph circuit with two vintage Keys, a Sounder and a battery box (mahogany with Brass fittings).
Telegraph KOB
  • Printing - A working scale model of the Gutenberg Press.
Gutenberg Press

  • Clocks & Time - A working model of a Verge and Foliot clock escapement, probably in wood.
Salisbury Cathedral Clock
  • Electromagnetism - Working Reproduction of Volta's Battery.
Voltaic Pile

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