Steam-Age Tech

Planned Teaching Models:

See the Master models page for the show stopper demo's

  • Optics
    • Kit with Prism, light-source and "shutter"
    • Selection of Lenses and Wooden Mounting Frame
  • Steam-Power
    • Wooden (MDF) cut-away version of Steam-Engine with moving parts.
      Designed to stand alone or work with a smoke-machine.
    • Vacuum Sphere model
  • Printing
    • Quill and Ink set
    • Block-Printing Kit with carved blocks, ink, and roller.
    • Paper-Making Kit
  • Telegraph & Telephone
    • Electromagnet and paperclips
    • One-Wire Motor
    • Circuit with bell, Knife-switch and Battery Holder.
    • Student version of A. G. Bell’s Liquid Transmitter (phone)
  • Clocks & Time
    • Globe with moon and Sun (Lamp) for demonstrating Solar-Time.
    • Sextant
    • Compass
    • Verge and Foliot Model
  • Electromagnetism -
    • Static Electricity Kit - Rod and Cloth
    • One-wire Motor
    • Simple Generator
    • Induction Experiment
    • Parallel Wires Experiment

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