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A Capital Idea

This project involves several phases that will be leap-frogging each other as each program is developed. The most important part of each project is the content, which really just requires sweat-equity - researching the relevant principles, inventions, inventors etc. (Is it really work if you love doing it anyway?)

Kickstarter Project Scope: February - August - 2015

Fixed Expenses -Per MonthSum
* Office Space$300$1,800
* Internet$50$300
* Monthly salary$2,000$12,000
(assumes continued non-related work part-time as consultant)
Already Paid 
* 2 Computers (Video editing and DVD burning)$0
* Printer$0
* Scanner$0
* Digital Video Camera$0
* Office Furniture$0
Per Program Expenses x6
* Props$200$1,200
* Promotional Materials$50$300
* Master Model (Kit parts / Materials)$200$1,200
Rewards: assumes 800 Videos
* Materials$1.50$1,200
* Shipping$2.75$2,200
Total Budget:$20,200

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