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From GregRobin Smith (Ben Franklin)

January 23, 2105

To whom it may concern.

It is not merely the length of time I have known Kirk (since ~1981) that commands my recommendation of him, but in the multitude of different ways I have worked and interacted with him.

As a teacher - Kirk is always ready to teach/show/demonstrate/explain - all with patience, intelligence and accuracy designed to make the most sense to his audience.
I have seen him command an audience, inspire his students, bring different learning styles together and answer a slew of various questions from the throng of a varied classroom and give each the answer the questioner wants, and what the rest of the class needs to hear as well.

As a thorough thinker - Kirk is well-researched in a wide (and I do mean W I D E) array of disciplines, sciences, philosophies, and cultures. Understanding the thoughts and ideas of the past is essential in critical thinking, and Kirk has done the hard work of this study for as long as I have known him. He integrates what has worked over the millennia with the best thought on what is coming over the horizon. He sees the viable connections between Nature and Humanity, between History and the Hopes of tomorrow. If it be tech or tectonics, he has a grasp of how things relate and how to approach them in both real and theoretical terms. Need a far flight of fancy? Kirk can sketch you the plane. Need a real-world fix to make a better bookshelf? Kirk - and his tools - can create something of beauty and balance.

As a builder - of wood, or of a business. I have every expectation that this current iteration of work will prosper and benefit all that partake.

In this, and in everything Kirk does, there is a spark of genius and a flame of inspiration. I am honored and delighted to be working with him on this, or any, project.

GregRobin Smith Everett WA

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