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If you haven't seen the HomePage overview, you might start there; this page is to give you a better idea of how we will work with our Kickstarter Supporters.
At any point if you have questions or suggestions, or if you are looking to collaborate, feel free to contact me by email -

The Kickstarter Process

The Kickstarter process has been great already, encouraging me to expanding my focus from the Live-Educational programs themselves to a whole range of related materials and services we can produce.

My objective remains a not-for-profit education project, but we can significantly enhance the whole program by adding a range of related items for sale:

If the launch goes well (if we hit $30k) I will even add extended online features:

If we can hit the $40k mark, I will be producing an extra presentation - Mechanical Advantage?, which will be freely available for download, and everyone getting one DVD will get the bonus DVD as a thank-you.

For each Presentation I will have at least one "Master Model" - e.g.

If I am making/assembling one, it is not much harder to make more, so these will be available as rewards for upper level contributors - see the Rewards page. These will be available as rewards for upper-level contributors.

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