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Salisbuy Clock Mechanism


= Clocks and Time =

From Agricultural To Industrial Time

In modern life it is hard to imagine not being ruled by a precise clock, regardless of time of day or even time of year. This class will explore changing understanding of Astronomy, The Globe, and a variety of Mechanical principles as they were applied to ever-more-accurate methods of keeping time. In turn we will consider how an ever-more accurate clock has changed our view of ourselves, society and the world as well as having been essential to a number of the important advances in science and technology.

Scientific Principles

Program Outline

[ Seminar Format Ca. 45 minutes ]
[ Workshop Format Ca. 90 minutes ]
Workshop Format has more hands-on time for the participants

Agrarian Time

Ancient Time Measurement

Religious Time

The Time Measurement

The March of Time

[Hands On - Workshop only]

Industrial Time

"Timing is Everything"

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