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Electromagnetic Communication

For most of us, if you asked, one of the hardest inventions to be without would be our telephones; whether land-line, mobile or even smartphone, they all rely on electromagnetic communication. From the first practical application of electricity - the telegraph, to the entire computer age, we are looking at developments largely using the same fundamental technology. We will focus on pre-transistor developments, starting with the principles of electricity and electromagnets, and working our way to telephones with a brief nod to television and computers.

Technology Principles:

Program Outline

[ Seminar Format Ca. 45 minutes ]
[ Workshop Format Ca. 90 minutes ]
Workshop Format has more hands-on time for the participants

Electricity and Electromagnets

Morse Printers 1846 Bain - Chemical Printer 1855 Hughes - Printing Telegraph 1874 Baudot - Automatic recognition of 5 character code (first machine code)

[Hands-On - Workshop only]


Closed Circuit Telephone - [Practical Demo]

Telephone Exchanges

[Hands On - Workshop only]

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